Our aim at Tonacliffe is to develop children’s curiosity, enjoyment, skills and growing understanding of science through an approach in which pupils raise questions and investigate the world in which they live.

We particularly want our children to have the ability to talk confidently about their ideas, observations and conclusions and to enable this we place importance on the teaching of specific scientific vocabulary and provide opportunities throughout school for them to report their science to other children and adults.

Using the 2014 National Curriculum together with the PLAN matrices from The Association for Science Education we carefully design lessons to ensure progression in both knowledge and skills as our children move through the school.

Science teaching can be divided into two main areas of study:

Working scientifically — developing the skills we need for investigation.

Scientific Knowledge and Conceptual Understanding — topic dependent knowledge.

Within each topic we utilise the opportunities to develop particular, relevant skills.

Through school, scientific skills are modelled and taught gradually to enable children to finally use them independently.

We use ‘wow’ science to engage and develop curiosity, creating an imaginative and stimulating curriculum. Where appropriate, we link science with other subjects and ensure that there is a focus, as much as possible, upon practical activities. 

Our science is enhanced by links with the local community and we make use of our outdoor space to bring science to life.  


Science teaching and learning begins in our nursery and reception classes. 

Our classrooms have focused 'curiosity corners' which are enhanced weekly to inspire our children to explore, question and talk about the world around them. Our Early Years children spend a great deal of time outside and make use of the school field and our 'forest area' to interact with nature for real! 

In daily, continuous provision we have an exciting range of resources, always available, with which to explore the whole range of science topics both independently and with additional support from teaching staff. 

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