Religious Education

Our Religious Education curriculum follows the Lancashire Agreed Syllabus. Religious Education at Tonacliffe reflects and represents the religions found within the school community, as well as taking into account the religions found in the immediate geographical area surrounding the school (locally) and beyond (nationally and globally). This includes the delivery of 3 investigations linked to Christianity (God, Jesus and the Church) each year, as well as investigations based around other major religions. At Tonacliffe, school assemblies are of a broadly Christian nature; it is not our intention to lead children to any specific faith, but to use Religious Education to encourage Tonacliffe pupils to learn and develop the positive attitudes of curiosity, wonder and appreciation, commitment, fairness and self-awareness to the beliefs and values of others (Lancashire Agreed Syllabus). It is recognised however, that any parent has the right to withdraw their child from any religious worship or instruction. The Headteacher should be informed either personally or in writing if this is your intention.

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