Computing and Online Safety

At Tonacliffe Primary School, we believe that technology and computing play an increasingly significant role in today’s society and are essential to our lives, at home and at work. It is therefore vital that our pupils are equipped to utilise technology in order to enhance their development as they become confident individuals, successful learners and responsible citizens. ‘Computational thinking’ is a skill that children must be taught if they are to be ready for the workplace and able to participate effectively in this digital world.

We provide our children with the basic skills and techniques needed to access, use and manage the main curriculum software and by providing opportunities to use information technology within the wider curriculum of the school in order to enhance their communication and learning. The three aspects of the computing curriculum are: computer science, information technology and digital literacy. Our aim is for all pupils to be Computing capable. Pupils also develop the ability to use Computing as a means of accessing resources. Caring and respect for equipment and resources is an integral part of the curriculum. Computing is integrated into all other subjects at appropriate stages and used as a tool to enhance other learning.

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