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Hello everybody!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. I know it is not the way we expected to start 2021 together but you are all amazing children and I know you will be able to get through this! It is vital that we continue working together to ensure your children have the best possible opportunities. We appreciate your support throughout these uncertain times and ask that you keep in touch with us. We are going to miss your children and school just won't feel the same without them. That said, we must remain positive and take this opportunity to make the most of the possibilities home learning can offer. Remember to keep on working hard!


Remote learning for those who are working from home. Please find below, lessons and activities for home learning. Please ensure that your child remains in a structured learning routine whilst at home and I advice you to use the timetable below. This will help to keep them on track with their learning and make their transition back into school, once the schools are back open, much easier for them. 


Remote learning email address:


Please send in evidence of home learning daily so I am able to mark it. I love to see the work you are doing and it makes such a difference to your learning. The transition back into school is much smoother when children have completed this work at home. I am, however, aware that not all families have devices for children to use, particularly when there are siblings all trying to complete their work and parents working from home. If this is the case, please get in touch and we will do all we can to help with this.


For key worker and vulnerable children, just a reminder that windows are open in class no matter the weather and it can become quite chilly, so layering up might be a good idea in the coming months. 


Mrs Mooney 

Listen to these stories read by your teachers.

Literacy 18th January 2021. Recorded lesson

Literacy and Mathematics Tuesday 19th January Recorded lessons

Unfortunately we have ran into a few technical difficulties in terms of the sound on todays Literacy video. If you are able to hear Mrs Mooney - perfect! If not, you are writing the beginning of your innovated story that you planned yesterday. Just have a really good go at this, you are still able to see Mrs Mooney's example on the video so please do take a look. This will be rectified for tomorrows video.


Continue with your 21 minute challenge.  Scroll down the page to look for the ideas sent out last week.

Mathematics 15/01/21

Mathematics 11/01/21

mathematics 12/01/21

Science 11.01.21

Computing W/C 11/01/21


White Class Curriculum 



Literacy , phonics and mathematics



Guided reading - one guided read with Mrs Mooney, one re-read of a text, one activity, an own read and a pre-read of a text .










Children are expected to read their home reading books every night. These will be changed on a Monday and on a Friday. 


Can I please ask that you sign your child's reading diary so I know they have completed their reading homework.


If you have any problems please don't hestitate to contact me 

Mrs Mooney

School is closed from 05.01.2021 to all pupils unless they are classed as vulnerable or their parents/ carers are keyworkers. School opening and closing times remain the same for these pupils. Thank you for your patience.