Uniform Information

Relaxed Uniform Policy


Whilst the coronavirus pandemic remains, our school uniform policy will be relaxed. We do hope you will appreciate why we have made this decision; however, you may still send your child in normal school uniform except when it is their PE days.



Black jogging bottoms/ shorts

White polo t-shirt Royal blue sweatshirt (with or without the Tonacliffe logo) Optional royal blue fleece (with or without the Tonacliffe logo)

Black socks

Training shoes

Appropriate outer clothing for the weather conditions


Black jogging bottoms/ leggings/ shorts

White polo t-shirt Royal blue sweatshirt/ cardigan (with or without the Tonacliffe logo)

Optional royal blue fleece (with or without the Tonacliffe logo)

Black socks

Training shoes

Appropriate outer clothing for the weather conditions


The reasoning behind this decision is several fold:

• Class bubbles of children will not be able to change for PE; this is obviously an issue for our older children in KS2.

• Children will be ready for PE without the need to change and this will mean time can be maximised for physical activity.

• Storage of PE kits hinders the cleaning of school and thorough cleaning is a key part in keeping our children safe within our risk assessments for full school opening.

• Lots of children brought training shoes to change in to for playtimes so as not to damage school shoes but due to timetabling pressures because of class bubbles, children will not be able to do this.

• Younger children will be able to access the outdoor activities in more appropriate clothing.

• And finally, it will alleviate the usual lost property mountain in school, which again hinders effective cleaning regimes!


At Tonacliffe, we believe that school uniform gives our school its individual identity and enables pupils to feel part of their school community. Smart appearance and uniform can also have positive links with behaviour and achievement. Our uniform policy has the full support of parents, and we are very proud of our children’s appearance.


What to Wear…

All children are expected to wear school uniform every day.


Girls                                                                                                        Boys

Black shoes (not trainers or high heels)                                                  Black shoes (not trainers)

Socks (or white/grey/black tights)                                                           Grey/black/white socks

Skirt/trousers (or blue and white summer dress)                                    Grey trousers/shorts

White blouse/shirt/polo shirt                                                                    White shirt/polo shirt

Royal blue sweatshirt/jumper/cardigan                                                   Royal bue sweatshirt/jumper


Indoor PE Kit for both boys and girls


Black shorts

White T-shirt


Outdoor PE Kit for both boys and girls (This is not required for Reception Pupils)


Jogging bottoms




The Reception Class require wellingtons and waterproofs for outdoor play when the weather is inclement.


Children with long hair should wear their hair up in school and for P.E. for safety reasons. Children can wear sensible blue, white or black bobbles.


It is not necessary to wear sweatshirts or polo shirts bearing the school logo. However, if you wish your child to wear these, they can be bought at Monkhouse Top Form and Moses School Wear, both on Drake Street, Rochdale or Ann’s on 5a Union Street in Bacup. All other items of school uniform are widely available in a variety of shops and supermarkets.






For safety reasons children are not allowed to wear earrings for any form of physical activity (PE, games, swimming, etc.) whether indoor or outdoor. However, the wearing of no more than one small stud earring in either or both ear lobes will be permitted at other times if parents wish. Hooped, dangling or decorative earrings, as well as any other body piercings, are not allowed for reasons of safety.


It will be the responsibility of parents to ensure either that their children are not wearing earrings on days when PE lessons/swimming lessons take place, or that children are able to remove and look after them themselves at PE times. School staff are not permitted to remove earrings from children, and the school cannot accept responsibility for earrings which become lost or damaged. If children cannot remove their earrings, it is the parents/child’s responsibility to cover earrings with a plaster or hypoallergenic tape for PE lessons. Children are not allowed to go swimming with earrings covered by plasters/tape because this is the policy of the swimming baths.


Children are not allowed to miss PE because of newly-pierced ears, as PE lessons are a statutory curriculum requirement for all children. Parents who may be considering having their children’s ears pierced are therefore reminded that this should only be done at the start of the summer holiday in July and NOT at any other time of year, so that studs can be removed for PE lessons by September.


Apart from small stud earrings and a wristwatch, children may not wear any other jewellery at school, so please make sure that your child does not come to school wearing a necklace, bracelet, chain, etc.


The co-operation of parents in this matter is essential and is greatly appreciated



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