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Transition to Upper Key Stage 2

Hello there Turquoise Class! smiley 


Well, we tempted fate writing about the glorious weather last week and have definitely paid the price haven't we? We feel we may need to join Noah in learning how to build an ark! We hope you have still all been able to get out for some exercise and have enjoyed some downtime whilst still working hard at home. We know it is really hard to keep going but there are only two weeks until summer - work hard now and you can enjoy lots of fun and relaxation then. 


We have been teaching our Zebras for two weeks now. Things are very different in school with different routines in place, and with the miserable weather it made it difficult for them to leave our classroom. However, one thing they have enjoyed doing (and we know lots of you do too!) is learning different Just Dance routines. This is really good for you in terms of exercise but also in terms of helping your mental health - we would love to see some videos of how you get on with the routines! As well as your work and pictures of other things you have been enjoying, you can always email these to


We have heard from a few parents this week who have told us how hard it is to support you with your learning at home. Remember that your parents want you to succeed and do well but also have many other things they need to be doing. Look after each other, help out around the house where you can and above all else - be kind! Small things like keeping bedrooms tidy will also keep parents happy and in turn, you will be too! Wise words this week come from Pooh (of course!) - think about different ways each day you can help your family and reduce any tensions that may arise!


Take care everybody and keep in touch! 


Mrs Devine and Miss Griffiths xxx


Wise words from Pooh

Home Schooling Support

Please see the videos below for support from the Lancashire Professional Development Service

TT Rockstars


We have noticed that some of you have been using Times Tables Rockstars whilst others are somewhat more reluctant.  Remember this is a great way to learn multiplication and division facts and a great way to challenge your friends. Keep up the good work those of you who have been using this website! 

Calling all budding Times Tables Rock Legends!


 11 amazing children in key stage 2, have already achieved the status of Rock Legend.


If you have not done the Studio activity 10 times in the last month, please do it 10 times over the next few days.

Make sure that you have no distractions. Speed and accuracy are crucial.

Your status will be updated, and if you achieve a certificate, it will be e-mailed to you.


There are 11 steps to achieve Rock Legend Status, but if you practise enough, and get faster, you can jump some of the steps to get to the top more quickly.


New Artist - Wannabe - Garage Rocker - Busker - Gigger - Unsigned Act - Breakthrough - Support Act

Headliner - Rock Star - Rock Legend


Once you have been on Studio 10 times, only go back to it after a month. Then do it 10 times again to see if you have improved.

In the meantime, keep practising on Garage or Gig.

Don’t forget, you can also challenge other children on Rockslam.


We are really pleased to see that this week, Alfie, Hannah, Liam, Sophie R, Amelia, Blake, Elise and Tyler have been on TT Rockstars, with an extra special mention going to Franchesca, Zack and Ella S - what an incredible effort you have all put in! Well done!

Current word count:


A really big WELL DONE those of you still quizzing - those who have stopped, we really do need to keep this up to help support our comprehension when we return to school in September. We think that if we all have a massive push, we will reach 10 million by the summer holidays. What an amazing achievement that would be! 


Well done Amelia, Hannah, Liam, Zack and Ella S,  for their quizzes this week. Hannah has completed 6 quizzes in the past fortnight! We have also noticed that we have some more reading millionaires - sincere apologies for missing this! We now have Amelia, Zack, Sophie R and Elise who have read over one million words each. Well done all of you!


What books are you currently reading? We would love to share your recommendations - if there is a book that you have particularly enjoyed, email with the title and tell us why you enjoy it so much. That way, your friends can enjoy your recommendations just as they would if we were in school.


We have noticed that some children have started book reviews on Purple Mash but these have not yet been 'handed in' - remember to press that button so that we know you have finished them! 


Miss Griffiths has now finished 'The Island at the End of Everything' by Kiran Millwood Hargrave and immediately lent it to Mrs Mooney! This book really struck home as it is about an island hit by illness... no spoilers will be given in case anybody chooses to read it. It is very sad in parts (be warned!) but has an uplifting and poignant ending. Highly recommended!


Mrs Devine is now really enjoying reading the next book in the series of 'The Diamond Brothers' by Anthony Horowitz.  Tim Diamond is possibly one of the world's worst detectives, which leads to much comedy for the reader! These are a definite must read if you enjoy mystery mixed with humour! Mrs Devine found herself with a rare fifteen minutes to herself last week and also enjoyed reading in her garden in the sunshine. You might notice a common theme here Turquoise Class... get reading !


In the Zebras bubble, we are planning to start 'Can you see me?' by Libby Scott and Rebecca Westcott which is based on a young girl's real life experience. Libby Scott was 11 when she wrote some of the entries in the book, based on her own experience of autism. It has been acclaimed for being a powerful and authentic account and for changing the way people think about the needs of others. Again, watch this space for further updates!


English Work: 13th to 17th July


   You can now use your ttrockstars username and password to access Numbots from this website.

This will give you different addition and subtraction activities. If you have any problems, please email

World Book Day

Turquoise class had lots of fun during World day, sporting their amazing sashes! They participated in author masterclasses, involving the theme of heroes. They went on to create their own superheroes and created a story about them, that they then presented in the form of a graphic novel. We also shared lots of stories linked to the theme.

School is open to key worker and vulnerable children - please see the parent section on the school's website. When Lancashire County Council say it is safe to open to wider pupils in Nursery, Reception, Year One and Year Six, school will inform parents.