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Home Learning for Turquoise Class

Remote learning WC 12.7.21

Monday 12th July




This morning, we would love to receive photographs or short videos of you enjoying your hobby, to be included in our end of year video with your memory posters. 

As part of this work, please write a short script in which you discuss your hobby (e.g. why you like it, how long you have been doing it etc), then film yourself speaking about this. 

Email this to




As we are unable to hold sports' day because of the number of staff and children isolating, we are going to hold our own as a class. We thought you might enjoy an at home sports day (check with parents/carers before taking part in any of these activities)! Again, if you could send us photographs or short videos, we would love to see it!



Ordnance Survey is Great Britain's national mapping agency. It carries out the official surveying of GB, providing the most accurate and up-to-date geographic data.


Take a look at the Ordnance Survey symbols on pages 2-10. Choose two off each page - can you guess what these symbols represent? Write down your prediction before you look at the answers! Record the answer next to your prediction. 


Choose an area that you know well. This might be where you live or it might be an area near school, for example. Create a map of that area, drawing on the necessary symbols.



Log into Yumu to enjoy your music lesson!

Tuesday 13th July




This is likely to take more than one lesson to complete. Because of this, you have all morning to complete this work. This means we expect to be excellent quality! 


Record your answers to the questions on the PowerPoint - these form the basis for a lot of your work!




Wednesday 14th July




You will soon be moving on and leaving Miss Griffiths and Mrs Devine! We are going to miss you so much and cannot describe just how sad we are that you are not in school to share this last week with us. We know you will be upset too but also know that you have so many exciting things to look forward to.

This lesson is going to be all about your transition to your next class, and for some of you, your new school.


We would like you to write a letter to your next class teacher. We know that you won't all necessarily know their name but we think that you can get around this by addressing it simply to 'My next class teacher'!#


In your first paragraph, introduce yourself. Make sure they know your name and who you live with. Do you have any pets? Perhaps you have a hobby that you enjoy - this might be something that has developed in the last year or it might be something you have missed being able to do because of the Covid restrictions and are looking forward to doing. Is there anything special about you that your teacher needs to know? What are you proud of yourself for? Consider all of the amazing things you have achieved in the past 12 months. 


Tell your teacher all about the things that you have enjoyed in year 5. What are your favourite memories? What have you enjoyed doing with your friends? Have you enjoyed learning about anything in particular? Perhaps there is something about your teachers that you have liked or found funny? (Not that we are fishing for compliments at all here!)


In the next paragraph, you might want to tell them about things that you are worried about. Starting a new school year is always daunting and you might have question that you would like to ask. This is the time to do so!


Remember to sign off your letter with your name. 


If you email this in, we pass it on to your class teacher where we are able to do so!




Consider how you get from your house to school.

Draw a map of your journey, including the Ordnance Survey symbols that are relevant. 



Thursday 15th July




Yesterday you wrote a letter to your new teacher.


Today you are going to write a letter to someone you have probably never considered writing to before... Yourself!


Fast forward 12 months, 5 years, 10 years... the choice here is yours!


Consider how old you will be. What would you like to be doing at this age?






We can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of year 5! We are sincerely hoping that we are all back together in class tomorrow. If we are, we will be holding a class party and want your input! 


Make a list of games that you would like to play. Create some decorations and email these to us. We want tomorrow to be a huge celebration as we have loved every minute of teaching you this year. You have been a fantastic class and when we say we will miss you, we genuinely do mean this!


If you are not able to attend school tomorrow, we will do all we can to ensure that we can include you in our celebrations. Let us know as soon as possible if you will not be in as we will need to plan for this in advance - we will be in touch regarding this!

Turquoise Class timetable WC 5.7.21

Unfortunately, the Teams session on Thursday 8th July will be delayed until 9.30am. We apologise for this and for any inconvenience it causes but we look forward to seeing you all at 9.30! 


Remember to email your work in to each day - we genuinely enjoy seeing your work, it cheers us up enormously! Also remember that continuing to work now will make the start of year 6 so much smoother for you - this is not the time to stop working! It really will make a difference to your future!

Monday 5th July



Watch the video up until the title screen (47 seconds in).

What do think could be happening to the birds? 

What will the girl do?

How might you describe the setting?


Write a short paragraph answering these questions. 


Now watch the rest of the video. You may wish to watch this two or three times to really absorb the details of what is happening.


Write the basic outline of the story - this will form your initial plan. Remember, this should be no more than five to eight sentences!



On Friday afternoon, you began to create a poster explaining your favourite memory from this school year, ready to be compiled into a video for you and your parents to watch. This lesson, you will need to continue with this poster. Remember this needs to be really clear, so that it can be read when photographed and displayed on screen as it will form part of a slideshow. Bold, bright colours with neat, legible writing will be needed!

Tuesday 6th July



Can you retell the story of Gelert without having it in front of you to read? See how much of it you can remember!


Using some of the those familiar phrases, tell the story of the Girl and the Fox. Talk the story through, to yourself or to someone at home with you. You may wish to use some of the story language that you can recall from Gelert to help you!


Draw a story map, telling the story of the Girl and the Fox.

Children's story map from Tuesday's Teams session

Maths examples from Tuesday's Teams session


Wednesday 7th July




Using your story map from yesterday, you are going to start writing the narrative to go with the story of 'The Girl and The Fox'. Refer back to the way in which Miss Griffiths presented this during the Teams session this morning. For additional support, there are some sample paragraphs included on the word documents below to help guide you. Remember to use a thesaurus to help you with your vocabulary.


Thursday 8th July




Begin to write the story, following Mrs Devine's model from the Teams session this morning. For additional support, there are some sample paragraphs included on the word documents below to help guide you. Remember to use a thesaurus to help you with your vocabulary.



You will find this lesson links nicely with the work we have been doing this term in Geography!

Friday 9th July




Follow Mrs Devine's model from this morning's Teams session to complete your writing. For additional support, there are some sample paragraphs included on the word documents below to help guide you. Remember to use a thesaurus to help you with your vocabulary.

Friday Fun


Before you begin your Friday fun, ensure that you have completed your 'memories' poster and sent a clear photograph to us in order for it to be included in the compilation. We are obviously really hoping that we are able to take a photo of you with your memory for this but just in case, please do send them in!


Attached below are some football related resources should you wish to use them this afternoon!

Home Learning for Purple and Gold Classes

Purple and Gold timetable for home learning

Friday 25th June



We planned the story on Friday, using the plot of Gelert as inspiration. The resources for that lesson are below in case you missed it.

This week in English we will be writing our legend.

Each day you will write a part of your legend. Add this on to the previous days writing so that by the end of the week you will have a complete finished piece.

Keep referring to the Legend of Gelert that we have looked at, as well as to the examples that are in this powerpoint. They will help you structure your writing.

I look forward to reading your legends.

Transition to High School


If we were in school, we would have been doing some transition work with your child in preparation for high school. Unfortunately, we are all isolating, so it would be beneficial to do some transition work at home this week. Here is a plan of possible activities to do with your child.


Session 1

Discussion of scenarios that might be faced in high school. Choose a couple of scenarios from the scenarios sheet to discuss – choose the most relevant. Also, you can add your own scenarios based on answers in Transition Questionnaire. (Discussion of these scenarios, or any others that your child brings up, can be added to any of the later sessions, or as extra sessions as required.)


Session 2

Go to and watch the Being Brave video. Then do the activity in the Being Brave pdf (this will need a little adaptation as it is written for working with a group).


Session 3

Go to and watch the Changes video. Then do the activity in the Changes pdf (this will need a little adaptation as it is written for working with a group).


Session 4

Go to and watch the Hopes and Dreams video. Then do the activity in the Hopes and Dreams pdf (this will need a little adaptation as it is written for working with a group).



Session 5

Go to and watch the Support Networks video. Then do the activity in the Support Networks pdf (this will need a little adaptation as it is written for working with a group).



Friday Fun


Do a fun task that you enjoy.


Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday!


Accessing additional online learning resources

Please remember that you should still be trying to access your reading quizzes from home, as well as using TT Rockstars to continue to rehearse your times tables. You should have your log in details already for each of these, but if you haven't then please contact your class teacher via your class email. The links to both resources can be found below : 

Online thesaurus guide

Because we understand that not everybody will have access to a thesaurus at home, please see our online tutorial that guides you through how to use an online thesaurus. This will be particularly useful during your English lessons, but you should also use this to help you make ambitious vocabulary choices when attempting any piece of written work in any subject.  

This is the work you would be completing in school in your PE lessons. Because the FUNDA sessions are aimed at teamwork, this will need to be adapted for you to complete at home however we know that you are really good at changing the games you play depending on how many players you have and what equipment is available to you. We would love to see some photographs of you - let us know in an email if your parents/carers give permission for these to be included on the school newsletter!

Other useful information:

Check this week's newsletter to keep up to date with events happening in school. Thank you.