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2022 Remote Learning Work

Monday 17th January 


Tuesday 18th January


Wednesday 19th January 



Today's lesson is a piece of independent writing.


Using your notes from yesterday, use these to write your own section of a travel guide to Earth. Use a thesaurus (online versions are available if you do not have one at home) to make effective vocabulary choices. Look back at the Guide to Earth from the Guardian newspaper to help you. 


Make sure you write in full sentences and punctuate them correctly!


Thursday 20th January

Friday 21st January

Monday 10th January




Tug harder - a two player game


Decide who is Positive and who is Negative.
Positive moves the counter from left to right and Negative moves the counter from right to left. (Why do you think we have suggested this way round?)
Place the counter on 0 (the numberlines attached shows a red circle).
Take it in turns to throw the two dice and add the scores then move the counter that number of places in your direction.
If the counter reaches -13, Negative has won. If the counter reaches 13, Positive has won.

Is it better to play a game where you have to reach the end exactly, or where you can go over the end? What do you think and why?

Now change the game. This time, when you throw the dice, you can decide whether to add, subtract, multiply or divide the numbers on the dice. You must reach -13 or 13 exactly to win.

Does this make a better game? What do you think? Why or why not?

Physical activity

Tuesday 11th January 

Aquila chapter 2



Revisit the English PowerPoint from yesterday to refresh your memory about noun phrases. 


Choosing a different character to the one you wrote about yesterday, describe it using interesting noun phrases to bring it to life. Whereas yesterday, you followed the modelled writing on the PowerPoint, this is your opportunity to be more imaginative and expressive - you might want to make notes of your noun phrases before you write them up into sentences.


Whilst you are focusing on the noun phrases, ensure that you also use accurate punctuation, start your sentences in different ways and use a thesaurus to make effective vocabulary choices. 

Wednesday 12th January 


Thursday 13th January 2022


Watch the clip in the link below. This animated short film follows a visitor from another world as it starts its journey on Earth.

 What would an alien think upon arriving on our planet? Look at the blue alien’s reactions shown in the film clip.


Read ‘Guide to Earth’ from the Guardian newspaper. This is a travel guide written for aliens about Earth. This links back with the travel writing you did before Christmas. Using this as a model, can you plan your own guide written for aliens about Earth?

Guided Read Comprehension

Friday 14th January 2022

Guided Read Comprehension


Based on the plan you wrote yesterday, write one section of your guide to Earth for aliens.


Accessing additional online learning resources

Please remember that you should still be trying to access your reading quizzes from home, as well as using TT Rockstars to continue to rehearse your times tables. You should have your log in details already for each of these, but if you haven't then please contact your class teacher via your class email. The links to both resources can be found below : 

Online thesaurus guide

Because we understand that not everybody will have access to a thesaurus at home, please see our online tutorial that guides you through how to use an online thesaurus. This will be particularly useful during your English lessons, but you should also use this to help you make ambitious vocabulary choices when attempting any piece of written work in any subject.  

This is the work you would be completing in school in your PE lessons. Because the FUNDA sessions are aimed at teamwork, this will need to be adapted for you to complete at home however we know that you are really good at changing the games you play depending on how many players you have and what equipment is available to you. We would love to see some photographs of you - let us know in an email if your parents/carers give permission for these to be included on the school newsletter!

Other useful information:

Reception September 2022 new starters - all welcome to come and visit and see school in action. Make an appointment by phoning the school office: 01706344609.