Remote learning Reception - Blue and Green Classes

Thursday 6th May. Polling Day Home Learning. 

Phonics:  Tricky word hunt

Go on a tricky word hunt around your house. Which words can you find? Can you read the words? 

Literacy: Watch the video below to join Mrs Clutterbuck on a bear hunt. 


Task: Now create your own 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' story. You could create a video of your own, write your own story, draw a story map... present it in any way you choose. 



Maths: Watch the video to join Mrs Clutterbuck on a 3D shape hunt. 


Activity: Now go on a shape hunt around your house or garden. You can download the worksheet below, or create your own to record the shapes you find. 



World Book Day 'Live' (Teams) Lesson: Thursday 4th March (Green) 1-1:45pm (Blue 1:45-2:30pm).

We will be sharing the story 'The Gruffalo' and completing activities centred around this story. You can decide whether you want to complete some activities (below) prior to the live lesson or afterwards. We look forward to celebrating World Book Day together!


Gruffalo Crumble.

In school on Thursday, we will be making our very own 'Gruffalo Crumble' and creating our own recipes. 

Can you create your own version of 'Gruffalo Crumble' at home? Maybe you could share your recipe with us during our 'live' lesson. 

Happy baking everyone!

Remote Learning week commencing 1.3.21

Literacy (recorded lessons)
Literacy Monday- Live Guided Talk session with your teachers.

Understanding the World

Remote Learning week commencing 22.02.21
Literacy Home Learning (videoed lessons)

Friday 26.02.21

Can you write what you think the characters might be saying, into the speech bubbles? Remember to write a sentence, using a capital letter and a full stop. Please try to complete this activity entirely independently and see what you can do without any help from your adults! Send in your independent work to your teachers. 

(You do not need to complete the activity on this sheet, create your own, draw your own speech bubbles and characters- the sheet is for reference). 

Handwriting (interactive recorded lessons)

Mathematics Week Commencing 22.02.21

Home Baking ideas

Understanding the World 

Fine Motor Activities

Story Times (Recorded story sessions with your teachers)
School is closed Thursday 6th May due to polling day.