Remote learning Nursery

Join Mrs Rice & Mrs Leach at 12pm for a picnic and a story. Bring your favourite teddy bear along if you would like :)


Can you make your own sandwich for the picnic? 

Can you make a cake or a biscuit for your picnic?

(O, how I wish we were doing these things together in nursery!)


Have a look at some of the other activities below :)


See you at lunch time.... yummmm....


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Can you order the steps involved in making a sandwich?

See if you can order the steps involved in making a sandwich (above) and then orally describe each step. 

For example; FIRST, get 2 slices of bread! NEXT...... spread some butter on the bread...... (I won't give anymore away).


Instructions like these are great for learning to retell events in order and for building up time vocabulary (first, next, then, last).



Design your own picnic

Use the above sheet to draw and design your own picnic.

What would you like to eat on your picnic? Make sure you add some healthy options.

Who is going on your picnic with you? What would they like to eat?

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