Remote learning Lower Key Stage 2 - Yellow, Orange and Lime Classes



Whilst you are isolating, you will find all the work for years 3 and 4 on this page. 

You are expected to complete 3-4 hours of work each day.


Please send your work to your class teacher.


Specific information for your class will still be available on your class page, for example spellings and homework.


Please also check the 'Remote Learning' page of the school website for useful websites and information (click on the link below).


Please email all your work (if isolating) into: or or



Thank you.

Home Learning:

Spring 1 Learning Log

Remote learning WB: 24.01.22


Please ensure you read a book every day for at least 30 minutes. Complete a quiz online on Accelerated Reader if you can.

Practise times tables – up to 12x12. Go on TTRockstars. Also use this website to get practise for your times tables check:


Complete the lessons below:




Further English work below.




Science (start with the first lesson and follow on):



Look at an atlas or globe. Locate the main countries of the world. Label as many as you can on the sheet below.

Research France and create a project about it. Focus on the tourism of France and the impacts of this.




PSHE (start with the first lesson and follow on):


PE - Gymnastics - can you create a gymnastics routine? Practise egg rolls, pencil rolls, teddy bear rolls and rock to stand.


A Mystery Text is a story or narrative in which something unexpected or unexplained happens, and the characters work towards solving the mystery. 

Look at the book and read to page  11.

Think about the use of the word very as it is repeated throughout the story.  Read to page 11 and predict what will happen in the story. Write this out. Ensure you give reasons for your prediction using the word because.

Collect any interesting vocabulary and look for synonyms in a thesaurus. 

Throughout the week, carry on reading the book and making predictions. Stop at page 15, 17 and 21. Then stop at page 29 and create a character profile for Scott. What is he thinking? How do we know? What is he feeling? How do we know? Write this up as a paragraph.


Now describe the setting. What is the basement like? Use adjectives and adverbs to describe what you could see, hear, smell and feel.


Plan an alternative ending to the story - what could happen instead?


Geography world map sheet


Reading Challenge

Reception September 2023 new starters - all welcome to come and visit and see school in action. Make an appointment by phoning the school office: 01706344609.