Purple Class September 2021


Hello there and welcome to Purple Class!


Sadly we will not be able to hold our Meet the Teacher evening as normal and the moving up afternoons will not be able to take place either. I always look forward to these as they are so useful in terms of getting to know you, and allow you to get to know me a little.


To help me get to know you, it would be great if you could make a poster about yourself for me to read over the holidays ready for September. It could include: what you like and dislike, if you have any siblings, what your favourite subjects are, what you like doing in your spare time and even what your favourite food is! You could hand this poster to me in school or to your teachers for them to pass onto me. I look forward to reading them.


Because we are not able to facilitate transition afternoons and evenings in the usual way, I have prepared some information which may be useful. This will tell you the information about PE, along with setting out rules about homework amongst other important details.


However, I know this does not give you a true feel for what life in Purple Class will be like and as reading is so very important, below there are videos of me reading one of my favourite, Krindlekrax by P. Ridley, for you to enjoy. I look forward to teaching you in September.


Mr German

Mr German reading Krindlekrax by Philip Ridley

Times Tables

Get practising them all on TTRockstars

Please send your work to .

​​​​​​Online thesaurus


Mrs Sutcliffe has very kindly made a video for us all to use about how to use an online thesaurus as we know not everyone has a thesaurus at home. You know how much we love you to use ambitious vocabulary choices so this should be really helpful for you when doing your English work.


Home Schooling Support

Please see the videos below for support from the Lancashire Professional Development Service


   You can now use your ttrockstars username and password to access Numbots from this website.

This will give you different addition and subtraction activities. If you have any problems, please email

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