Accelerated Reader News

Well done Lime Class, I have just checked Accelerated Reader and we have now read 4,149,528 words. Three amazing people have read over 500,000 words each.

Keep up the super work. If you haven't done any quizzes lately, see if the book that you are reading is on Accelerated Reader and take the quiz when you finish the book. Let's see if we can get to 4 and a half million words by the end of the month. 


TT RockStars News

There are now 13 children in school who have the status of Rock Legend. 

It is a huge challenge to achieve this status, you have to be answering questions in less than 2 seconds! Can you aim for this?

For those who take a little longer, keep on practising. If you are answering your questions in less than 6 seconds, that is still fantastic.

Even if it takes you longer than 6 seconds, remember you will improve if you keep practising every day.

Transition and Next Year

This short e-book gives you lots to think about and discuss, about being at home all the time.

Home Schooling Support

Please see the videos below for support from the Lancashire Professional Development Service

English Work: 13th to 17th July

Hello everybody,

During this period where we all have to stay at home, First News will be available each week on the class pages. I also hope to give you some activity sheets linked to the newspaper, each Friday. 

Thank you to the Friends of Tonacliffe, who have raised money for our subscription.

Calling all budding Times Tables Rock Legends!


 11 amazing children in key stage 2, have already achieved the status of Rock Legend.


If you have not done the Studio activity 10 times in the last month, please do it 10 times over the next few days.

Make sure that you have no distractions. Speed and accuracy are crucial.

Your status will be updated, and if you reach a new status, your certificates will be e-mailed to you.


There are 11 steps to achieve Rock Legend Status, but if you practise enough, and get faster, you can jump some of the steps to get to the top more quickly.


New Artist - Wannabe - Garage Rocker - Busker - Gigger - Unsigned Act - Breakthrough - Support Act

Headliner - Rock Star - Rock Legend


Once you have been on Studio 10 times, only go back to it after a month. Then do it 10 times again to see if you have improved.

In the meantime, keep practising on Garage or Gig.

Don’t forget, you can also challenge other children, or even me, on Rockslam. I have taken up the challenges which had been set for me, but sadly I couldn't beat one of you!




Reading Quizzes,

As a class, we have read 3,464,261 words. Let's aim for 4 million and catch up to White Class!

If you earn a new certificate, I will check each week and e-mail it to you.

additional online learning


   You can now use your ttrockstars username and password to access Numbots from this website.

This will give you different addition and subtraction activities. If you have any problems, please email

Fun resources, activities and tasks to enjoy!

Volcano Learning Logs

Science Day Investigations



We start the term looking at stories with issues and dilemmas and move on to writing diary accounts linked to issues and dilemmas.  Throughout our literacy lessons we will be developing our use of standard written and spoken English and the use of grammatical terminology. We will also be developing our use of interesting vocabulary, which you will be able to help with at home. Spellings will be sent home to learn on a weekly basis. Please encourage your child to learn how to spell these words - writing them at least three times a day might be a useful strategy. The children have also learnt lots of different ways to help them remember spellings, why not ask them to show you some of these strategies.

Please make sure your child reads their reading book at least four times a week and sign their diary to reflect this.




The term will start with spend some time looking at at place value and using this to add, subtract, and multiply using formal written methods. We will also be working on shape and position.  We will be spending some time using and applying our new mathematics skills and explaining how we reach an answer. We will also look at developing our mental mathematics, particularly a rapid recall of multiplication and division facts and how to use known facts to add and subtract rapidly.

You could support your child greatly by helping them to learn all their times tables at home. We will also be spending time in school working on times tables and we will have regular timed tables and arithmetic tests.



Art work this half term will compliment the work we completed last half term as the children will continue to develop their drawing skills.  



We will continue our learning on volcanoes, mountains and rivers, concentrating on rivers this half term. We will use maps to locate major rivers and look at how the recent weather has affected rivers and how this affects daily life for some of the population. 


We will be learning about living things in the environment.  Please support your children by looking out for signs of spring. 




Swimmin: Wednesday and Thursday  

Other PE sessions will be on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.  

Please make sure PE kits are in school every day.

Label all PE clothing, including footwear, it is amazing how many children lose their clothing, and without names it is almost impossible to relocate them.



General Information




Ensure your child reads at least four times a week at home and have their diary signed by the person who listens to them read.

Ensure your child brings their reading book and diary into school every day as opportunities will arise for reading throughout the week. All children will have a guided reading session at least once a week with a teacher.


Help your child learn their times tables up to 12 x 12.


Homework will be given out each Friday. Spellings will be tested on Thursday or Friday morning.


Leaning Log homework will be sent out at the start of each half term. Clear instructions are on the sheet stuck in the front of the book. Please help your child with the learning log work, it is a great opportunity for you to work together on a project. The ideas on the sheet are just suggestions, do not feel you have to stick rigidly to them, be creative if you like.  Remember to send completed learning logs into school as soon as you have done them. Remember to send the Learning Log book back into school along with any of the activities your child has completed.


If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to call into school to speak to me.


Many thanks.

J Wilson

School re-opens on Wednesday 2nd September 2020. Please check your child's start and finish times under the Parents' Section. Thank you.