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Teacher: Miss Noble

We are years 5 and 6



Good morning Gold Class smiley



I am missing you all LOTS! Year 5, I am very proud of you for keeping going and working hard at home. I understand that it can be very hard to keep motivated and continue working but you are all doing amazing!! laugh 

I want you all to keep working hard and making sure you have some time to relax, play and enjoy a range of activities with your family. These are the times to treasure and enjoy 


It has been really lovely to see all the amazing things some of you are getting up to at home from the emails you have been sending. Seeing these emails really do make my day! Please continue to send it emails to 

Mrs Davidson and Mrs Sutcliffe will often reply to the emails during the day but I will make sure I get round to answering them all when I can smiley


I am now working in school every day. This means that the work set on this page is set by Mrs Sutcliffe from Orange Class. 




New this week (29.06.20)


This week - we have the Lancashire Virtual Sports Day which would be fantastic for you all to have a go at joining in with! Please send in your pictures and videos and scores! 


Keep an eye out as there will also be an exciting play writing opportunity which is being run by The One Show. The winners will get help from professionals to finish writing their play and then have it performed in a new Shakespearean Theatre! 


Stay safe, stay positive and stay well. 


I am really missing you all!


Miss Noble laugh

Home Schooling Support

Please see the videos below for support from the Lancashire Professional Development Service

New Book - How to Not Go To School

High School Transition


Whitworth High School have provided this video to help you prepare for the transition from primary to secondary school. Keep checking this page as we will be adding more information about the transition to high school, which will hopefully be useful for you all, regardless of which school you will be attending.

English Work: 13th to 17th July

Online Safety Activities - you can complete these with your parents or carers

Fun resources with games, tasks and fun websites to explore!

Other sites and activities

Working from home letter to parents/carers

Supporting Reading at Home

World Book Day

In class, we shared the sashes that we all made about our favourite book(s) or our favourite author(s). We also participated in an author masterclass by Greg James and Chris Smith. which looked at their book series 'Kid Normal' and was focused around the theme of heroes. After reading extracts of their books and exploring the main character, Murph, we went on to create our own superheroes with unique powers, including making our own masks. We then planned a story based around them and created graphic novels.

Ancient Greece Day

On Friday 28th February, we had a very special Ancient Greece day. We enjoyed experiencing what life would have been like for someone living in Sparta and someone living in Athens. We also had a session where we got to try a range of different Greek foods. To end the day, we joined together and performed a play of Hades and Persephone followed by a final vote of which city we would prefer to live in - Athens won by far! It was a fantastic day, enjoyed by all! 

Have a look at the many photos from the day below! 

As a class,we took part in an Evolution and Inheritance quiz to test what we learnt from our lessons. Mrs Whitworth, who is the science subject lead, was the quiz master. The Apple team were our hardworking winners!



On this page you can have a look at what we are doing this term, check out important diary dates and find out important information.

This half term we will be learning: 

  • English - We will be looking at explanation texts. 
  • Maths - We will be learning about algebra, time, sequences and place value. We will also continue to practice arithmetic tests and using the four calculations. Times tables will be used a lot this half term so it is necessary that these are practiced at home every day.
  • Science - We will be looking at the unit of animals including humans, looking at life cycles and changes throughout life.  

  • History - We will continue to spend this half term exploring Ancient Greece.

  • Music - Children will continue with choir practice. Those who are not in choir will take part in music lessons in class where they will learn to sing and perform the song Fresh Prince of Bel Air'. 

  • PE - This term we are very lucky and one of our PE lessons will be coaching by FUNDA. PE lessons may happen at times other than the timetabled slots so please do ensure that children have their PE kits in school every day. Both PE lessons are likely to be outdoor sessions so it is important that children are equipped for slightly inclement weather! Keep an eye on our class page to see who wins the weekly FUNDA medal for fantastic effort and attitude in PE. 

  • DT - We are very excited to begin our DT unit on structures as we look at strengthening a structure before attempting to build our very own Greek Temple. Watch this space for photographs of this!

  • RE  - We will be continuing the focus of 'Life is like a journey', but this half term we will focus on Christianity, with a key question of ' Why do Christians believe Good Friday, is 'good?. 

  • Computing - we will be finishing our work on spreadsheets and then applying our computing knowledge to Blogging.


Important dates for your diary:

  • Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th March - Parents evening. 
  • Friday 20th March - Mother's Day Sale.
  • Wednesday 25th March at 6pm - Musical Evening
  • Friday 3rd April -Easter Egg raffle

Our class FUNDA medal winners

Spring 2 - Week 2 winner - Jack
Spring 2 - Week 1 winner - Abdullah
Spring 1 - Week 5 Winner - Grace
Spring 1 - Week 3 Winner - Leo
Spring 1 - Week 2 Winner - Charlotte
Spring 1 - Week 1 Winner - Joseph

Important information



Children MUST have their PE kits in school at all times as there will be times when we have to swap PE slots for various reasons.

Please have everything labelled so items can easily be identified if lost.



Homework and spellings:

Each week, children will be given a piece of mathematics or English homework. This homework includes learning spellings.


Learning logs have been given for this half term. Please note that you are expected to complete two of these as a minimum but that you can choose to do more if you wish. The final deadline for these to be handed in is the last Wednesday of the half term.


Spellings will be sent home every week. They need to be learnt for the spelling tests. It is also important for the children to be learning the definitions of their spellings to support their understanding of reading and comprehension texts.


It is important that all children are learning their times tables up to 12 x 12. They need to be able to recall multiplication and division facts. This is very important in years 5 and 6 to support the children with their everyday Maths lessons.



Reading remains a key priority. Please remind your child to bring their homework diary and reading book to school every day.We expect to see reading diaries signed at least four times each week. The children are responsible for making sure their reading records are signed every time they read.

Your child does not have to always read to you. They can read to themselves or others. However, it is important to listen to your child regularly and support their reading and comprehension at home. At the bottom of this page you will find a helpful document to how you can support reading at home. 



Rising Stars Online Comprehension

An online comprehension will be given out for homework. If your child does not have access to the internet, or if they have difficulties accessing the activity, please let me know.

Details on how to access the comprehension:

user name: Surname First name eg Smith John

Password: Goldcat

Centre ID 319526


Important information

Remember - No jewellery is allowed in school expect for stud earrings and watches. Girls MUST have their long hair tied up.

Please make sure your child has their own water bottle in school which is clearly labelled with their name.


Our Class Representatives:

School Council Reps: Sofiah Ashdown and Lola Hearn

Green Team Reps: Jack Porter and Grace Wilkins


Contact Information

Can I please remind you to double check with the office that your contact details are up-to-date. Newsletters are no longer being sent home with the children but are available on the School website.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Thank you,

Miss Noble.

Our literacy topic was Debate - we researched deforestation across the world and had a class debate on whether this process is necessary or not.

Our Class Assembly about Chinese New Year

Our Design Technology - last half term we have focused on sewing and making a 3D design. The children made lovely Christmas decorations based on their own designs.

School re-opens on Wednesday 2nd September 2020. Please check your child's start and finish times under the Parents' Section. Thank you.