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Foxes in the Forest WB 25/04/22 - Session 11

This week in the forest the children have taken the lead! 


They have lead their class mates up into the forest and given the safety talk. Children have worked together to put out the boundary rope to keep each other safe.  We have explored the forest through free play and have learnt how to tie a figure of eight knot. 

Easter Egg Hunt

The I've Forgot Troop, Rainbow Troop and Walking Wolf Troop have had a very special treat today - they had their very own Easter Egg Hunt!  Each child was given a clue and they had to go and find the corresponding picture. After they had found their picture each child was given their own golden ticket to purchase a chocolate egg. They then finished off their Easter Egg hunt with a sing song.

25-03-2022 Session 9 of our forest school journey 

 This week in the forest  I’ve forgot troop, walking wolf troop and rainbow troop we continued with part 2 of shelter/den building.

The animal of the week was the Mole. 

The things we covered in this session. 

Self-esteem. Creativity. Empathy. Sensory experiences. Nature connection. 

Identification skills. Safety and risk management. Self-worth Teamwork. Basic forest school skills. 

25.3.22. The ECO Team joined Reception children today to plant Oak saplings.

Week beginning 14/03/22




We started with our troop song which we sang whilst walking to the woods. At base camp, we had the all-important safety talk and we spoke about our behaviour within the woods. We then set the boundary ropes and talked about the animal of the week. This week's animal was the Golden Eagle. We then had our story (The Eagle and the King).The main part of the session was taken up with Den\Shelter building. 



This week's session in the forest with Rainbow troop, I've Forgot troop, and Walking Wolves troop


We sang our forest school song and had the all-important safety talk.  


This week's animal of the week was the RAT.  After learning all about the rat we read our story - The Rat and the Elephant, and then we had a hot chocolate.


This week's forest school activity was nature scavenging.  The children enjoyed collecting leaves, twigs, and all sorts of bits and bobs from the forest floor; we then made one large collage on the forest floor for everyone to see.


Things we covered this week:


Teamwork, empathy, being active, gross and fine motor skills, creativity, sustainability, sensory experiences, nature connection, identification skills, patience, self-worth, safety and risk management.

Session 5


This weeks session took place in the classroom due to it being World Book Day and we wore our P.J.'s


What did we do this week??


Our forest school song

(Feeling of belonging, one with the group)


Safety talk

(Awareness of risk, setting boundaries, feeling safe)


Animal of the week

The Fox (Nature connection, awareness of what is around us)



The Fox and the Crow.  (Imagination, focus, listening skills, stimulates curiosity)



Nature weaving. (Creativity, focus, imagination, fine motor skills, identification skills, self-belief, feeling of achievement)


Goodbye song (End of session)


Diary time (Reflection)

4.3.22 Reception Forest School: 'Smelly Cocktails' and 'Journey Sticks'.

We explored smells in the woodland and made 'smelly cocktails'. We learned to tie a reef knot and applied this skill when making our 'Journey Sticks', choosing natural materials to represent our Forest School learning so far and tying them to our sticks. 

WB 07.02.22 - Rainbow Troop 

Animal of the week - Lizard

This week in the forest we have been learning all about lizards and making fairy houses. 

WB 07.02.22 - Animal of the week is lizard.

This week the I forgot troop, walking wolves troop and rainbow troop have been exploring the lizard. We have played a game called creeping coyotes where we had to be quiet in the forest in order not to get caught out!

Forest School teaches us to work together!

Still image for this video

WB 31.01.22

Animal of the week - Badger

This week in forest school we have been becoming one with nature.  We have been hugging our favourite trees to help us find our fairy friends.  We have discussed facts about a badger and whether it was a carnivore, herbivore or an omnivore. 

Forest School WB 24.01.22

When we can't go to the forest we bring the forest to the classroom! 

  • We sang Forest School songs

  • We had the Stick Man story

  • We all made a stick man out of twigs and sticks to take home.

  • We filled out our forest school diaries.

Reception September 2022 new starters - all welcome to come and visit and see school in action. Make an appointment by phoning the school office: 01706344609.