Every aspect of our children’s work is influenced by the use of language with imagination and accuracy. We aim to develop this language through our approach to the teaching of literacy. We want children to foster a love of reading and writing, speaking and listening, giving them the skills they need to be successful adults.


Literacy is taught through a daily literacy lesson with a balance of independent, group, whole class and guided work. Over a sequence of lessons, children read and analyse a variety of texts, then apply this knowledge in shared, guided and independent writing. In addition, children learn spelling rules and the technicalities of grammar.


Reading is a wonderful insight into the world around us; factual, imaginative and creative. Through a systematic, progressive approach to reading, children are taught to read using a synthetic approach to phonics, corresponding letter sounds to written letters. Guided reading, in small groups, enables children to develop both their reading and comprehension skills. This small group work is a forum in which children are able to practise and rehearse newly acquired reading skills, developing confidence and personal interaction in their peer group. Equal emphasis is placed on reading and understanding fiction and non-fiction texts. Parents are encouraged to become involved in their child’s reading, listening to or just talking about books with their children. Reading records are used to record home reading in.


The skills of speaking and listening are essential for effective communication. Through carefully structured drama, class and group discussion and presentations, children are taught the importance of speaking clearly and concisely using appropriate tone and intonation. Children are taught the importance of listening facilitating effective conversation and communication.


At KS1:

  • Phonics is taught through Letters and Sounds

  • A range of reading schemes are used including:

    Rigby Star

    Pearson Bug Club

At KS2

  • Children read books from the Accelerated Reader Scheme


Friday 15th November is a non uniform day in exchange for bottle donations for the Christmas Fair. Thank you for your support.