Design and Technology

At Tonacliffe Primary School we aim to teach Design and Technology through a very practical hands-on approach. The children have opportunities to apply their learning from other areas of the curriculum, such as history, science and literacy. Using their creativity and imagination, children will design and make products, for example, making vehicles with moving parts, pop-up books and delicious meals or snacks which incorporate the skills of cutting, sawing, sewing and food preparation. Children are also expected to problem solve and evaluate their own pieces of work in order to make improvements and develop their skill of inventiveness and flexibility that will support and benefit them throughout their schooling and in to adult life. Design and Technology promotes both independent and team work, which is something we actively encourage at Tonacliffe Primary School.

School is closed from 05.01.2021 to all pupils unless they are classed as vulnerable or their parents/ carers are keyworkers. School opening and closing times remain the same for these pupils. Thank you for your patience.