Welcome to Reception Blue!


In Early Years, it is through our play that we learn all we need to know. Early Years education is a vital part in your child’s development to ensure they are developing in a safe, secure and happy environment. Our children are given opportunities to investigate and explore a vast range of activities and experiences and are encouraged to develop their independency.


Reception follow the Early Years curriculum which is split into seven areas of learning.


There are 3 prime areas of learning:

- Personal, Social and Emotional Development 

- Communication and Language

- Physical Development 


There are four specific areas of learning:

- Literacy

- Mathematics

- Understanding the world

- Expressive arts and design 


We teach these areas through a balance of focused tasks with an adult and through structured play within the areas of the classroom and outdoor area, which are enhanced with activities relating to our topic and the children’s interest.


Vicky the Vet visited us today. We learned about what she does at the surgery and how to care for our pets.

w.b. 7.2.22 Curiosity Corner- Bamboo

w.b. 31.1.22 Curiosity Corner- Chinese New Year

w.b. 24.1.22 Curiosity Corner- Chopsticks

w.b. 17.1.22 Curiosity Corner- Woodland Animals

w.b. 10.1.22 Curiosity Corner- The Emperor's Egg

We have been learning about Emperor Penguins.

We have learnt:

  • An adult emperor penguin can grow to 115cm tall –about the same as a six-year-old boy or girl!
  • Emperor penguins live together in a colony.
  • The emperor penguin is found in the Antarctic, the coldest continent on Earth, but they are perfectly adapted to the harsh temperatures.
  • After the female penguin lays a single egg, the male looks after it. He keeps it safe and warm for about 65 days in a place between his tummy and feet called a brood pouch. All the males huddle tightly together with their eggs, eating nothing in all this time.

A nurse came to visit to teach us how to apply bandages.

Curiosity Corner w.c. 8.11.21- Mehndi Patterns

Curiosity Corner w.c. 18.10.21- Bats

Curiosity Corner w.c. 11.10.21- Conkers