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In Early Years, it is through our play that we learn all we need to know. Early Years education is a vital part in your child’s development to ensure they are developing in a safe, secure and happy environment. Our children are given opportunities to investigate and explore a vast range of activities and experiences and are encouraged to develop their independency.


Reception follow the Early Years curriculum which is split into seven areas of learning.


There are 3 prime areas of learning:

- Personal, Social and Emotional Development 

- Communication and Language

- Physical Development 


There are four specific areas of learning:

- Literacy

- Mathematics

- Understanding the world

- Expressive arts and design 


We teach these areas through a balance of focused tasks with an adult and through structured play within the areas of the classroom and outdoor area, which are enhanced with activities relating to our topic and the children’s interest.

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This week in class, we will be reading lots of stories about Christmas, including :'The Jolly Christmas Postman' by Allan and Janet Ahlberg and 'A letter to Santa' by Ned Taylor.

We will be writing lists including what we would like for Christmas, lists of the things we like e.g. foods, toys etc. and finally, writing our letter to Father Christmas. 

Please take the time throughout the week, to practise writing lists, focus on the layout e.g:

My Christmas Wish List:




Chocolate Santa



Once this is an established skill and your child knows how to write a list, move onto to writing their letter to Father Christmas. Again, focus on the structure of a basic letter e.g:

To Santa,

I have been good. 

Please can I have.....

Love from,



Your child will need your support when writing but please encourage them to use their phonics knowledge (sounding out) to spell words independently. Please have an alphabet to hand for them to link sounds they hear to the corresponding letter. This will be a good reference tool for them. 



Read or watch the Jolly Postman.

  1. Can you sequence the events from the story? Can you remember what each character received in the post?
  2. Can you draw a story map of the Jolly Postman's journey? 
  3. Look at how a letter is structured (To..... a little message..... Love from...)
  4. When you feel ready to, write your own letter to someone in your family (worksheet attached). 
Home Learning week commencing 2.11.20

Halloween - Spooky Fun

Football Match- Green Class v's Blue Class

Library day is Thursday. Please make sure your child brings their book back to school to exchange every Thursday.

Your child now has their school reading book (very exciting!). Please ensure that they bring their reading books into school each day. Your child will read at least once a week with an adult in school. Reading books can be changed on Monday and Friday only. This enables to ensure books have been quarantined between exchanges. 

Thank you and HAPPY READING!

Homework is handed out on a Friday to be returned to school on Wednesday. Thank you. 

We're enjoying snack and enjoying washing up even more!

Note for parents and carers:

You will receive the information regarding Parent Pay on Monday 14th September. Unfortunately, we cannot access your child's code until this date. If you wish to send your child to school with a healthy morning snack for the time being, you are more than welcome to. 

Thank you for your patience. 

PE day is Tuesday. Please send your child to school in their PE kit.

Social story for starting school in September

Reception Baseline- information for parents

Check the calendar for details about Christmas parties for each class. Thank you.