Action planning, risk assessments and protocols for school during the COVID pandemic

Remote Learning Policy (Draft awaiting governor approval)

Addendum to Positive Behaviour Policy September 2020

Addendum to Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy 2019

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Protocol for Child with Suspected COVID-19

School Attendance Protocol

Staff Illness Protocol

Fire Risk Assessment Addendum

Infection Control Policy Addendum

How to Clean and Disinfect

Infection Control Policy September 2020

Positive Behaviour Policy September 2020

Medication Management Policy

What happens if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19?

Protocol for Removing Face Masks

Managing Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 in School

September 2020 opening information

School is closed from 05.01.2021 to all pupils unless they are classed as vulnerable or their parents/ carers are keyworkers. School opening and closing times remain the same for these pupils. Thank you for your patience.