Welcome to Year 6! We are PURPLE class.


Star of the Week - Max


Important Information

Our PE days will be on Wednesday and Fridays, so please have your kit in for then. For the first half term our PE on Wednesday will be swimming, starting on Wednesday 12th September.


Spellings will be given out weekly, with the test the following week.


We will be doing weekly times tables tests on a Friday. These will start with revision of all the tables, and then progress into questions such as 0.4 x 80 which combine knowledge of both times tables and place value. This regular practise will help children keep these skills sharp, and also link in with the grid method of multiplication we do in class.


Important Dates

Christmas party - Monday 17th December


Given - 14/12/18

Comprehension - Wildtrack Magazine

In - 19/12/18


A selection of learning logs will be given out each half term. Children are to complete a minimum of 2 within that half term, but are free to complete more if they wish.


Times Tables - all tables to 12 x 12





What We Will Be Doing In Autumn Term

  • English - Biographies and autobiographies
  • Science - Properties and changes of materials
  • Geography - South America
  • Computing - Scratch
  • RE - Christianity
  • Music - 'Classroom Jazz'.
  • PE - Athletics and basketball.


Purple Class Superstars

Week 1 - Fatima

Week 2 - Ebba

Week 3 - Hollie-Mae

Week 4 - Bilal

Week 5 - Callum

Week 6 - Harvey

Week 7 - Tyler

Week 8 - Melissa

Week 9 - Peter

Week 10 - Keira

Week 11 - Misha

Week 12 - Reece

Week 13 - Lily B-D

School Council Reps

Carys Todd

Lily Bamford-Davis


Green Team

Lily Richardson

Melissa McConville


Well done to all our infant children for super performances in their nativity plays. You were fantastic!